Windows XP finally gives up positions

Windows XP user percentage fell below 7% believing the NetMarketShare statistics. It is never happened before. It seems that old OS finally goes out from OS market. The May 2017 XP result is 5.66% users.

Windows XP finally gives positions

Contrary, Windows 7 and 10 user proportion has grown on in May. "Seven" gained almost 1% and now occupies 49.46%, while the "ten" grew by 0.5% - to 26.78%. It is only 8.1 version value has decreased to 6.74%.

The analogical results are given by StatCounter analytics. According to these data (end of May 2017), "Seven" user weight was 38.9%, and 10 OS version ranked second with 30.01%. Values for 8 and XP are 9.89 and 4.26% respectively.