Windows 8 Activation Key

Windows 8 Activation Key represents by itself a new kind of OS licensing tool. Indeed, app does not work as a standard activator. It creates a special key that initiates a genuine status of installed OS. Users need to store product key in UEFI or BIOS firmware. After that, Windows 8, 8.1 becomes permanently activated OS. It is very simple and fast approach. In addition this is a free of charge method getting valid OS.

Windows 8 Activation Key

Really, all visitors of our website are welcomed for free app downloading. Any hidden charges are absent for sure. There are not any inconvenient things. It helps people save time by avoiding of registration forms filling. Moreover, there are not any SMS codes. It is time to make a short introduction into Windows 8 Activation Key.

App key features:

  • Tool provides stable OS 8, 8.1 activating independently from edition, build and etc.
  • It gives users possibility creating of installing DVD or USB-flash.
  • The app interface is convenient, user-friendly and fully informative.
  • The button graphics is amazing.
  • Activation technology allows users getting support by MS corporation technicians.
  • App enhances PC productivity. In addition, tool saves laptop battery.
  • Activator is represented as open-sourced software. It means that app are free from dangerous code.
  • Tool provides valid stable licensing without expiration date. It allows users system updates applying.
  • Users have a possibility to log in Skype automatically. App updates personal accounts on daily basis.

We provide you with detailed instructions. It helps users to apply tool correctly and safely. Please follow step by step manual:

  • Download and extract archive (use the password windows).
  • Apply WinRar to do that. Move extracted files into separate directory.
  • Turn off temporally any anti-viruses. It is necessary to exclude app blocking.
  • AV may incorrectly relate activators to malware.
  • Run exe module applying admin rights.
  • Click Start button.
  • Wait till successful completion message is appeared.
  • Copy and store product key.
  • Reboot OS.
  • Enjoy with a extremely stable OS for lifetime.