Windows 8.1 Pro KMS Activator Ultimate 1.4

Windows 8.1 Pro KMS Activator Ultimate 1.4 is targeted to specified OS release. It makes tool the efficient, fast and safe for PCs. Really, activating process takes a few seconds excluding mandatory system reboot. Previous activator versions were able to create a license only for 180 days. It was necessary to repeat a procedure every half of year. The updated tool works more efficiently. It creates genuine 180-days license on first stage. The second step is coming after half of year. Product license is automatically prolongated by activator. So, you do not need take care about that.

Windows 8.1 Pro KMS Activator Ultimate 1.4

The next good thing relating to Windows 8.1 Pro KMS Activator Ultimate 1.4 is distributing mode. App realized as a free-ware. Our website visitors may download activator using direct link. There are not any hidden fees, registration requirements and SMS proofing too. Users are welcomed to get app by a single click technology.

Finally, let us say a couple words about the most wonderful app features:

  • Tool is suitable for any edition and builds of 8.1 OS. It may activate even Server R-2 Data-center.
  • App is fast-performing and extremely safe software.
  • It has an auto-update module. So, you suppose to get an actual product version for anytime.
  • Tool creates extremely stable license. It is genuine without doubts. Moreover, the license type is permanent. It is automatically prolongated every 180-days period.

Step by step simple acting sequence:

There is absolutely simple procedure of OS activating. There are not any special skills required. However, we provide users with detailed instruction. Please carefully follow offered steps to do everything quickly and correctly:

  • Download and extract archive (use the password windows).
  • Apply WinZip or different kind of archivator.
  • Move app files in a separate folder.
  • Run executable module. Be sure you applied admin rights.
  • Agree with following messages.
  • Wait till activating is over.
  • Reboot OS.
  • Congratulations, you have just received a really valid and stable OD license. There is not expiration date anymore.