Windows 7 Lite Edition DVD ISO

Windows 7 Lite Edition DVD ISO is targeted to increase PC performance. It is extremely lightweight system created on the base of detailed user behavior analysis. OS is very useful for low-performance PCs and portable devices. So, you may use it on the tablets, for example. It has extremely stable functionalizing for both 32x/64x bit architecture.

Windows 7 Lite Edition DVD ISO

OS Lite Release Short Overview:

MS products have many rarely used functions. It is not so much convenient. Unused dll-files require a lot of system resources. AS result, your PCs is slow downed. Creators of Windows 7 Lite Edition DVD ISO made extremely detailed analysis of most used system apps and functions. OS Lite was worked out on a base of that analytic investigation. It gives users with low-performance PCs an amazing chance. Installing of new OS releases is not slow downed your devices anymore.

There is one more wonderful thing. OS is represented as ISO format. It means users can make DVD or USB flash bootable drive. This is so handy to have a mobile system setup. Another strong reason of getting OS Lite is free distributing. WE offer ISO package without any fees and restrictions. There are not SMS codes. In addition, filling of registration forms is not requires too.

Key Features of Lite Release:

  • Extremely lightweight package. OS is optimized to low-performance PCs.
  • User-oriented easy and convenient environment.
  • Gives the high performance even on tablets.
  • Accented on reliability and functionalizing stability.
  • Enhanced security level. OS has an improved antivirus, firewall and malware-stop software.
  • Maximum performing and safe surfing IE.
  • New look of old apps.

Installing procedure:

You have got fully-automated OS setup followed by procedure of activating. Please read step by step manual to pass whole process easy and quickly:

  • Download and extract archive (use the password windows).
  • Create a virtual drive. Otherwise, apply any archiving tool to extract ISO content into separate folder.
  • Run setup with assigned admin rights.
  • Confirm everything that appeared.
  • Wait till setup is over. Activating process should start immediately. It takes only a few seconds.
  • Enjoy with extremely light OS. It is already activated. So, you have got 100% genuine license.