Windows 10 AIO Build 15063.540 x64

Recently released Windows 10 AIO Build 15063.540 x64 is represented by our web site as ISO DVD-image. It is extraordinary build of 10-th OS-version from MS corporation. The main user problem of last MS-products related to their activating. Congratulations, 15063 build is self-licensed ISO file. Activating procedure is included in setup procedure. So, everyone may receive indeed genuine build of 10-th version.

Windows 10 AIO Build 15063

The next good thing is presence of many updated programs into package. It includes flash player, service stack and etc. Add to that an incredible new look of themes, colorful graphics and 7D sound. Did you do that? OK, now you can imagine what 15063 build containing.

Do you have any questions more? Of course, you do want ask something. Key question is: how to get Windows 10 AIO Build 15063.540 x64 for free? Answer is simple and clear. Just follow by a direct link from our web page. Yes, we offered the latest build without any fees. In addition, there is not filling of registration forms required. The proofing codes are absent too.

Features of Build 15063:

  • Extremely lightweight and extraordinary powerful OS.
  • New stylish look with sleeker user convenient-interface.
  • Touch-screen devise supporting is realized.
  • Enhanced confidentiality tools. OS contains the amazingly enhanced release of Defender.
  • Cumulative updates are included.
  • Secure release of flash player is presented.
  • Handy OS for portable devices and gadgets.
  • Reliability for 32x/64x-bit systems.

Do you want something more to be happy? Oh yes, there is setup manual is not it. Lets prepare to be followed for step by step installing instructions. It provides quick and safe OS activating.

Installation Procedure:

  • Download and extract archive (use the password windows).
  • Use special program to create a virtual drive. Otherwise apply standard archivator to extract files.
  • Move everything into separate directory.
  • Start setup applying admin mode.
  • Follow floated instructions.
  • Wait till installing is over.
  • OS activating procedure should start immediately after that.
  • Confirm genuine license getting.
  • Reboot OS.

Enjoy with the incredible build for 10-th version of really popular OS. License is stable and genuine. So, you are free to install any system updates.