Scammers mimic for Windows system notifications

Online fraudsters came up with an original way to make profit using acclaimed WannaCry encryptor. A special malware masquerades as system notification. Fraudulent app displays a pop-up window with MS message. A user is informed that his PC infected with WannaCry. Moreover, there was an offer to contact support service via specified phone number.

Scammers mimic Windows system notifications

There is a fraudster on the phone who represents himself as a technical guy. He requires remote access to users PC in order to fix one. After that, scammers check OS by MRT.exe. It is a legal Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool. At the end, fraudster claims a fee for his service.

MS Security specialists remind everyone the next: Windows system notifications never include any phone numbers. Moreover, MS company never initiates a direct contact with users for technical support. If such notifications occur, one needs check PC with antivirus or contact himself support service.

In addition to OS notifications, scammers exploit your fear of getting infected with WannaCry on Android platform too. The Google Play store has already discovered applications that supposedly provide protection from this encryptor. However it serves only to display ads.