MS ToolKit Activation Windows 10 Pro

Activation Windows 10 th is users OS license manager. App makes OS (10th edition) free and activated to anyone without restriction to edition, release or build.

Renewed MS ToolKit will help you to fix anything deactivated and contained “Windows10” word. It could be the last 10th MS OS, especially, including the next editions: Home, Pro or Enterprise. Moreover, activated OS makes no problems with updates in future. It means user may forget about turning of automatic updates option.

Windows Toolkit 2.6 Beta 5

Activation Windows 10 – universal thing that provided one with essential tool set to manage MS OS licenses. Moreover app fixes and modifies expired keys and makes activated any MS products, including Offices issues too. The issues since 2.5 are supported offline mode. So, you may not use a network to activate anything.

It gives the quickest existing way to fix deactivation by choosing preferable tools. The drop-down list will help a user to do that.

The most exciting things about MS ToolKit activator:

  • Provides fast, safe, guaranteed activation way, one ever seen.
  • Manages full control for a kind of license.
  • Supports different outer executables, including Auto KMS, EZ-activator.
  • Has unique fiche mode to validate OS licensing in a original module.
  • Fixes expired keys with reactivation.
  • May be applied for different kind of MS products.
  • Available offline licensing.
  • Manually connects to OS by phone or skype.

User guides:

  • You have to shut temporary down OS defender and installed anti viruses too.
  • Download and extract archive (use the password windows).
  • Run executable file in administrator mode.
  • Choose the object.
  • Select appropriate Product, when Edition.
  • Press “Install” item.
  • Turn your attention to a “OS Activation” tab.
  • Click item that is currently highlighted with green color.
  • Get some coffee or beer and wait.
  • Enjoy when procedure will be fully completed.

Video tutorial:

Screenshot of universal app and fixed licensed object:

MS Toolkit Activation Windows 10