KMSAuto Activation Office 2016

Are you tired to pay for every new MS-Office release? If yes, then KMSAuto Activation Office 2016 is correct choice of yours. Say no for unreasonable payments and enjoy with soft-ware that cost nothing to you. Do you like to turn back to 2013/2010 MS-Office version or change edition, build? It will cost you nothing too, if your choice is KMS-Auto. Do you still have a question what is the KMSAuto means? OK, we will explain it for you.

KMSAuto Net

KMS-Auto is a powerful universal activation tool. You may call it a magic wind. Really, it turns any non-activated software to a licensed package for free. App works with al MS products and never asked a user to pay some money. Tool uses KMS server emulation technique. It means user is provided with activation in legal way. A virtual server is deleted after MS-Office successful fixing. Moreover, KMSAuto has an option to create a task schedule. In that way Office 2016 will be automatically reactivated providing user with lifetime license.
This is an interesting fact. KMSAuto is able to convert Office-2016 between editions. For example, a user may convert Pro release to VL and repeat it in controversial direction. The full details of that option is shown on video instruction.

The KMS Auto advantages list:

  • It is safe and secure app.
  • Have auto-activation possibility.
  • Fix any build or edition of MS Office 2016.
  • Have user-friendly interface with minimum of settings.
  • Use legal MS activation technique through a virtual server.
  • Give to user the additional options.
  • Provide task scheduler for MS-Office activation.

KMS-Auto step by step manual:

  • Be sure that you have Framework 4.5.NET installed.
  • Download and extract archive (use the password windows).
  • Turn off antivirus temporarily.
  • Run exe item with admin rights.
  • Click activation buttons.
  • Enjoy licensed product.

Video instruction for KMSAuto Activation Office 2016:

KMSAuto activation Office 2016