Download the latest version of DirectX 12

MS DirectX 12 is necessary technology for correct and high-speed interaction in the computer-multimedia system. This set of runtime libraries provides the high end software solution to be a part of PCs video/audio drivers.


MS DirectX 12 is the most important tool for the gamers. This is not any modern game running without that library. The main reason of that is simple: MS DirectX 12 filled by based API functions and multimedia libraries. This technology makes connection between hi end hardware modules of your PC and multimedia software. One may be really sure about high productivity of a new video card provided by the last DirectX release.

The utility is especially required by gamers. Lack of DirectX or an old version can lead to incorrect operation of the game, such as freeze, crash, or an inability to start the application. Our site offers to resolve the performance problem on your PC by a single click. Just do it and follow by direct link to get the installer release of DirectX from the software manufacturer. Our guests do not need to register, send SMS code and other delays.

Moreover, the utility is necessary for correct functioning of the OS and its upgrade. This version of the tool contains only a basic set of DLL without unnecessary waste. After running DirectX 12 Windows efficiency improves, as well as OS functions. Each package includes a variety of utility output interfaces, graphics, game controllers and network games. The application manages the audio and text data, video files, streaming, as well as 2D, 3D graphics. In the new version, all these parameters are substantially improved for recent development of hardware. A distinctive feature of DirectX 12 is modified tessellation too. As a result, graphic objects have more smooth contours. It is particularly affected when you change the scale of the game.

Installation guide:

  • Download and extract archive (use the password windows).
  • Run it.

The new possibilities DirectX 12 vs its11-th release:

DirectX 12