Citrix helps you run desktop programs in Windows 10 S

Windows 10 S users get one more motive to keep this OS. They obtain an opportunity to use classic desktop programs. It becomes available through software elaborated by Citrix and named Receiver. A utility allows running desktop programs in Windows 10 S through virtualization service.

Citrix Receiver

Why do I need it?

Let us remind that according to Windows 10 S dogma, applications installing is exclusively allowed through Windows-Store. Authors of that idea explain limitations by the security requirements. However, ones are concealing the fact of personal gain. Indeed, this approach allows program filtering. Malicious software released as legitimate applications will not get into Windows Store. However, user financial and moral costs increase. We all have familiar apps we have to leave behind. These are Chrome, Firefox, etc.

Let use a tool everywhere

At now we have a real solution from Receiver. It is UWP-application. This tool will also be distributed through Windows-Store. It allows 10 S users to run their favorite desktop software through virtualization services (XenApp or XenDesktop). Moreover, it allows use Receiver on mobile devices operating by Windows 10 Mobile.