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Microsoft and Qualcomm introduced Windows based laptops to ARM

MS corporation with Qualcomm announced unique devices allowing use high-grade desktop programs on ARM processors. It has been happened at Computex 2017 exhibition. We are talking about ultra-thin laptops and 2-in-1 transformers on Snapdragon 835 platform. According to developers, new computers are attributed to category: PCs having permanent Internet connection. It will be high mobility… Read More »

Microsoft fixed a big hole in Windows Defender

MS supported by Google have fixed a big security gap of Windows Defender. Vulnerability was found by IT specialist of a search engine company. It was happened previously that Google experts help MS to fix some bugs. However, they did publish nothing about security hole for the first time. Indeed, info release before fixing problem… Read More »

Citrix helps you run desktop programs in Windows 10 S

Windows 10 S users get one more motive to keep this OS. They obtain an opportunity to use classic desktop programs. It becomes available through software elaborated by Citrix and named Receiver. A utility allows running desktop programs in Windows 10 S through virtualization service. Why do I need it? Let us remind that according… Read More »

A bug in NTFS causes a blue screen in Windows

A new potentially dangerous NTFS bug is found in Windows 7 and older. The exception is only the latest 10-th release. This problem was previously present in earlier versions of MS OS 95/98. And now it’s coming back. An error is caused by hidden metadata file named $MFT. One is part of each root dir… Read More »