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Windows 10 will save battery power

MS corporation has announced Power Throttling (PT). Believing officials, a new technology implementation is expected with major OS update. It must be Redstone 3. According to MS technicians PT technology may significantly extend laptops battery lifetime by minimizing energy use. Information about PT has already appeared earlier, Moreover. New technology has even been tested among… Read More »

Microsoft Office will appear in the Windows Store

Popular software developer (Microsoft) has turned MS Office into universal programs for distribution through Windows Store. According to officials, a new 365 edition are ready to come in that way soon. The tools assign to the last (10S) OS release and will exclusively offer in a Store. At the moment it presented only by Mobile… Read More »

Scammers mimic for Windows system notifications

Online fraudsters came up with an original way to make profit using acclaimed WannaCry encryptor. A special malware masquerades as system notification. Fraudulent app displays a pop-up window with MS message. A user is informed that his PC infected with WannaCry. Moreover, there was an offer to contact support service via specified phone number. There… Read More »

Windows 10 test build disabled smartphones

A release of Windows 10 test assembly is postponed once more. At this time, this is no bug in 16212 build. The reason is a serious error that disabled some cell phones during internal testing. It is happened during the night of 1 to 2 June 2017. The 16212.1001.rs_iot.170531-1800 build became accidentally available for all… Read More »

Windows XP finally gives up positions

Windows XP user percentage fell below 7% believing the NetMarketShare statistics. It is never happened before. It seems that old OS finally goes out from OS market. The May 2017 XP result is 5.66% users. Contrary, Windows 7 and 10 user proportion has grown on in May. "Seven" gained almost 1% and now occupies 49.46%,… Read More »

Windows 10 S will not support Linux

Linux distributions are not supported by Windows 10S light. MS officials explain it for security needs. An analogical situation already concerns desktop programs as Adobe Photoshop, Chrome, etc. To run these programs one must use installation via Desktop Bridge tool (meaning MS OS Store). As we have informed, 10S is primarily focuses in particular on… Read More »

New test build of Windows 10 is delayed

MS corporation announced that a new test assembly release of Windows 10 is postponed. MS Officials explain it by a serious bug founded in prepared issue. According to a program leader Mrs. Dona Sakar, developers do not yet have enough data to fix a bug. She said that no releases will come for a week.… Read More »

Microsoft and Qualcomm introduced Windows based laptops to ARM

MS corporation with Qualcomm announced unique devices allowing use high-grade desktop programs on ARM processors. It has been happened at Computex 2017 exhibition. We are talking about ultra-thin laptops and 2-in-1 transformers on Snapdragon 835 platform. According to developers, new computers are attributed to category: PCs having permanent Internet connection. It will be high mobility… Read More »

Microsoft fixed a big hole in Windows Defender

MS supported by Google have fixed a big security gap of Windows Defender. Vulnerability was found by IT specialist of a search engine company. It was happened previously that Google experts help MS to fix some bugs. However, they did publish nothing about security hole for the first time. Indeed, info release before fixing problem… Read More »

Citrix helps you run desktop programs in Windows 10 S

Windows 10 S users get one more motive to keep this OS. They obtain an opportunity to use classic desktop programs. It becomes available through software elaborated by Citrix and named Receiver. A utility allows running desktop programs in Windows 10 S through virtualization service. Why do I need it? Let us remind that according… Read More »

A bug in NTFS causes a blue screen in Windows

A new potentially dangerous NTFS bug is found in Windows 7 and older. The exception is only the latest 10-th release. This problem was previously present in earlier versions of MS OS 95/98. And now it’s coming back. An error is caused by hidden metadata file named $MFT. One is part of each root dir… Read More »