Activator Office 2010 professional plus

Toolkit and EZActivator – is powerful multifunctional utility for fast activation MS Office 2010 Professional Plus package. One will get a set of different tools to manage MS product license. This is a possibility to selectively activate any single Office component. The tool is applicable independently from release of MS Office you are used. One may run KMS activation even if he has a Retail license. The utility inspect Office 2010 license information to manage an optimal activation way.

Office Toolkit 2.5

Advantages of this type of activation are obvious: free service, the unlimited acting period, guaranteed results and flexible license type selection system. The tool has a simple friendly interface to users who hardly operate with specialised software.

The most important functions and their meaning:

  • KMS technique to activate MS Office 2010. It is a progressive technology of converting any version of the MS software to the licensed one.
  • Possibility of transformation for VolumeLicense. It is really flexible tool to vary the type of license.
  • Prolongation of a trial period. Extending the trial period is one of the legal ways to activate the MS Office without any time limits.
  • Information related to status of a MS license and ability to backup one. The user is provided detailed data about the license type and current status, as well as the possibility to restore previous issues.
  • Manipulations with a product-key. It allows you to have various manipulations with the registration by the working code.

MS Office removing. This option allows a user to fully move the MS Office from the OS without leaving any trace of it in the registry and the OS itself.

User manual:

  • Download and extract archive (use the password windows).
  • Run exe-unit in admin mode.
  • Use EZ-Activator button to activate Office 2010 or selected unit of one.
  • Wait a message informing that process has been finished successfully.

You may use actual activation keys for release of MS Office 2010 Professional Plus:


Follow the images to see how it works

Office 2010 Professional Plus