Activator Microsoft Office 2010 Pro Plus

At now Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus is very powerful flexible tool to work with docs, e-tables, presentations, databases and so on. These are two ways allowing make that MS product licensed. First way is buying a hard-license and second case to get it for free with. It is a freshly uploaded modification of powerful activator to fix everything in MS-Office. App gives a user possibility to make all software package activated or to do it for separate tools. Fixing process is safe and secure for a computer. It takes only a few seconds of user time.

Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus

The next powerful feature of the app is a lifetime license. A user must activate MS-Office only once. It will keep license permanently. Moreover, MS products continue to stay fixed after the any applied updates. A user does not have to worry about MS-Office localization. The app finds and fixes it automatically.

Re-Loader is fresh release of well-known MS products activator. App fixes all MS-Office versions 2010/2013/2016 and OS Windows too. It has no problems with Service Packs. App presents user-friendly Interface designed to a minimum of settings. It gives to a user one-click activation method.

The powerful features of Re-loader software:

  • Fix any MS-Office version, edds or build.
  • One is safe and secure for computer or OS.
  • Take only a few seconds of user time.
  • Fix MS products in both ways: offline/online.
  • Work automatically.
  • Have no settings with user-friendly interface.
  • Remove/reset activation.
  • Keep lifetime license warranty.

A user manual for Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus:

  • Download and extract archive (use the password windows).
  • Turn antivirus off for short time to avoid any troubles.
  • Run exe-file with admin settings.
  • Select 014 on checkbox.
  • Click a magic button.
  • Prepare to be happy with fixed Office 2010.

Video step by step instruction:

Activator Re-Loader 3.0