Activation Windows 8.1 Professional

Our site presents absolutely new type activator designed Microsoft Corporation products issued. One is suitable with OS Windows 8.1 Professional including personal (Vista, 7–10) and Server (2008–2012) edition as well as MS Office issues since 2010 release. The utility uses an extraordinary algorithm. Initially, the KMS server is emulated, then OS activates on it. The emulated server removes after successful activation.

KMSAuto NET Activator

As one can see, KMS activation has transparent logic and proposes really legitimate approach to get activated Windows 8.1 Professional. In fact it is a copy of way that Microsoft Corporation uses to activate its corporative items. KMS activator uses Localhost address within – 255 and automatically put a computer to Network as a KMS server. So, your PC becomes a corporative client of MS Corporation.

The advantages of that way are next:

  • legality – you just follow the Microsoft company algorithm to make Windows activated.
  • long-term – by a fact you have the permanent activation till OS would de reinstalled.
  • automatic algorithm – you application is always actual due to regular updating.
  • easy to be used – no manual settings are required.
  • no fees – the activator is a real free-ware.
  • reproducibility – it will activate OS after every reboot.
  • one-simple click setup

Follow next simple steps to get a licensed OS with KMS-activator:

  • Download and extract archive (use the password windows).
  • Run exe file (change administrator state to on).
  • Select Activate Windows.
  • Start a procedure.
  • Wait until one successfully finished.
  • Reboot your computer.

The activation procedure is really simple. However, we would like to give our visitors some visual clues to avoid any mistakes during activation are going on. Let us give you a tiny advice. It is better to spend a little bit more time and follow video directions to be completely satisfied with our service.

Do you have any doubts? If yes, please follow a short video tutorial.

Do you want more visible information? Look at the images bellow.

Windows 8.1 Professional