Activation Windows 7 Home Basic x64

The best and safest Activation Windows 7 Home Basic x64 is a job for updated KMS-based tool. App resolves a few different tasks. It allows people save hundreds US dollars. Tool removes annoying problems with OS activating permanently. In addition, program cancels pop-up messages and brings full system functionality to users.

Activation Windows 7 Home Basic x64

The archive link is open without restrictions. No SMS codes and registration is required. We offer to get ultra durable activator by a single-click technology. It saves your time too. The mean downloading time is a few seconds.

Short description

KMS-based tool provides valid license without any restrictions. Indeed, users have to apply activator only once. Resulting license is stable and permanent. Users may safely install system updates. Tool price is the most exciting thing about activator. It costs $0.0. Yes, this is a free-ware. Program is very flexible. Automatic mode is good choice for beginners. The rest of people may configure license option.

Key features of Activation Windows 7 Home Basic x64

  • Extremely quick and guaranteed result. Created license is 100% genuine. Operating time is less than 5 sec.
  • Stable and safe tool. Users may apply system updates.
  • Program code is clean. This is not any scams and malware.
  • Has different activating approaches for beginners and experienced users.
  • No reactivating is necessary.
  • Provides user-friendly multi-language interface.

Installation manual:

The activator is pretty simple in usage. Do you need extra help? If yes, please do not be shy. Please follow detailed, useful step by step instructions:

  • Download and Extract package (use the password windows).
  • Move all archive files into a separate directory.
  • Turn temporary off antivirus. Sometimes it incorrectly blocks an activator.
  • Run KMS-based tool with admin rights.
  • Configure license parameters if you need it.
  • Click Start button.
  • Wait till activating is over.
  • Close app window.
  • Reboot OS.

Enjoy with 100% genuine and really durable OS license. It will never been expire. Apply system updates without risks of license breaking.

Windows 7 Home Basic x64